Planes of Fame

Otherwise titled, how to capture something interesting with blown-out gray skies!  Here is an interesting statistic…Of the more than 2000 images I captured during this event, I culled out 95%+ of them. Straight to the bit bucket never to illuminated by a LED monitor again. There is just frankly very little interest is seeing a plane in flight that looks like it could be on a plain backdrop. While shooting more terrestrial I often love having the overcast sky. It acts like this big giant soft box in many regards. It’s not of course, but what it does to soften out shadows is appreciated. But look at this image of the flying wing. An incredible aircraft. Puzzling to look at, fantastic to see fly despite this nagging thought in the back of your feeble mind that it just sin’t possible! Boring!


What do you do with this? Well…that’s a great question!  One thing is to look towards the ground and find more interesting subjects. See this other post with some of the WWII reenactors. These were fun to shoot and the giant-softwbox-in-the-sky turned out to be a great help! I also got a chance to catch up with old friends at this event. Here is a post from Steven Lewis talking about the same sort of challenges and how he overcomes it. Spoiler alert: the skies were MUCH better the next day. You know, the day I couldn’t be there!

One thing that does help…and I VERY frequently struggle with is patience! Are we there yet?  Towards the end of the day there was a small window of decent light. And throughout the day there was an occasional frame where the light was at least good enough to gain some interest from the clouds. Below are a few that I was able to salvage.

All images with the incredible little mirrorless Fuji X-Pro2 and the 100-400 OIS zoom. Some with the 1.4x some without.

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