An Empty Road – Fresh Starts

Despite many a few false starts to keep this site/blog up and running, it hasn’t quite reached what I’ve wanted it to become. A place for me to share some images, thoughts and randomness that strikes me. I do however still want to get there, so I’ve decided to wipe it out entirely and start fresh.

Maybe it was the time spent on the road last week. Time that took me from the massive destination that is Las Vegas, to the empty backroads of the Mohave desert. Seeing everything from new beginnings to complete ruins. If you’ll indulge me, maybe, just maybe it’s a metaphor for this journey of life. We have so many parallels to this description. All of us. We have fresh starts, new beginnings, tear-downs and remodels and of course a few abandoned ‘structures’ and parts of our life.

So for me this is an attempt to remodel, to breakaway from the old that was a mess of a blogging site to something of value to someone…even if only me as an outlet. As I ponder images created, experiences shared and my always-growing faith in God I hope it reflects well here but with no real expectations for anything.

So, here we go…kick off to a new project as if I have time to absorb another. If you are following along, welcome! I’m a believer is Christ, husband and father, a techie geek, a photographer and generally just a goofball making his way through it all. ¬†Here’s my empty road…buckle in

Fresh asphalt on the National Trails Highway near Ludlow, California in the Mohave Desert.

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